Taliah- Sewing and handicrafts
It is a trading company specialized in selling prayer and Islamic clothes made in Syria. Depending on its value “Her way of creativity”, it aims to provide the market with a new Islamic fashion.

Taliah is managed by a network of female of Muslim practicing working women and have very good background in the handmade industry. Its products are available through an e-store, and there are selling points spread over Syria, Lebanon into the UAE where the women in charge live, also by the Internet to all over the world.

The project has been founded in 2008 by a Syrian family based in Damascus, it was limited to the relatives and friends as a small project, then it has continued to serve its beneficiaries over 5 years. In 2012, it started to sell products outside Syria by the internet where Post shipping or special delivering were main ways to sell. In addition, Handmade products were added to the project through out last years, like jewelries, hosting tools, decorate sweets, crochet and so on. Then in 2014, the project transferred to Turkey where the prayer clothes were being done in medium sewing factory, and they were sold in Fatih Bazaar in Istanbul. Finally, it’s been transferred to UAE which is one of the most prosperous and multicultural countries in the Islamic world. It’s been the best environment to expand the network of Taliah’s project Beyond the limits of home work

·        To support elaborating the Islamic fashion in the international market.
·        To grow the female beneficiaries network, who might adopt Islamic lifestyle
To improve the professionalism of the female beneficiaries in Fashion and art.

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